Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heebee Post #950 - Anna Banana - Robert's Creek - British Columbia - Canada

 Anna Banana is a very interesting person and artist and quite a pleasure to meet: which I did last November in Seattle.  Her postcard  is actually an entry into fellow Canadian artist, Ed Varney's annual artfest of Labour and the Arts,  "Maywirks".  Theme: The Artist at work / A self portrait.. Above is Anna at work - An interactive performance ("Why Banana?") she conducted at the Dallas Public Library Theatre in 1983.  Amusingly, her hat seems to be a ripe bunch of bananas.
I usually steer clear of self portraits. Not really my thing. But, I really like Anna and Ed (who I had also met in Seattle last Nov.) and Anna did send an invitation. Okay, I'll do it already! Actually, I would really love to go to Nanaimo, British Columbia and see the opening for the show in May. That would be a gas! Anyway, be seeing you Anna and Ed in the mail. Anna Banana Arts.  By the way, anybody can contribute to this call - you don't really need the invitation.

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