Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heebee Post #947 - Parys St. Martin - Glenelg - South Australia - Australia

 You almost have to have sun glasses on to view this brilliant piece that Parys created inside the smoking crater of an active volcano.  Her creation seems also to bear a resemblance to a sort of modern Humpty Dumpty - capable of breaking into the many pieces he is made of.  Parys' work is always an optical Merry-Go-Round and this one is no exception. It is beautiful.

Notice anything unusual about this?
Parys enclosed her mail art in a sturdy clear plastic envelope but, there is no postage at all!   That makes this "Lucky Mail Art",  for it is charmed.  Thank you very much Parys,  I have been enamored with your "Other World" displays of light and color for a long while and they just seem to get even better as we travel through our time. See you in the Post Box. Parys St. Martin Mail Art.

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