Sunday, September 2, 2012

Heebee Post #834 - Uli Grohmann - Munster - Germany

 A quote from the Bible's New Testament is used in dark sarcasm for the three commanding officers of the 1800's U.S. Army Calvary Indian fighters. These incredible atrocities against American Natives are horrifying.  From left to right: James William Forsyth - Wounded Knee Massacre - South Dakota, 1890.  John Milton Chivington - Sand Creek Massacre - Colorado (1864).  Patrick Edward Connor - Bear River Massacre - Idaho/Utah border 1863. Deep, shameful scars on the reputation of our history as a nation. Super postcard Uli.
Side 2 of the sobering postcard is a bit more lighthearted, featuring the 'Via' sticker "By hopping Jackalope" and Fluxus lesson rubber stamping. Thank you very much Uli, enjoyed it very much. See you in the mail!

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