Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heebee Post #835 - Cara - Huntsville, Alabama - USA

I love the wave-length that Cara's mail art frequency is on. Here we see a spirited woman racing by a startled groundskeeper, clutching her "Less worry, more happy" pillow, rushing headlong towards "Fluxus Beach", where everything is always perfect and relaxing on the mind.  Can you feel her desperate longing to be there? I feel mine.........
Looks as if Fluxus Beach is a bit crowded today. I love the psychedelic ensemble that makes up the busy composition. Fluxus Beach has something appealing for everybody.  One notable feature is the purple Owsley Bear, center, which explains the general chaos. Less worry, more happy - I'm with you.
A concerned Mom speculates on her daughter's escapades. Some beautiful metallic colored pens overdrawing that you can't really detect unless seen in person. (I tried).
If you exchange with Cara, please make note of her new address. It sure is great to have this funtastic artist back in the 4th Dimension.  She sure fits in here nicely.  I like the India Pale Ale sticker - is he opening a tough bottle or just blowing it out the old coat tails? Thank you very much Cara - I'll be sending something to the new address very soon. Hippy Dippy Mail Art.

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