Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heebee Post #848 - Torma Cauli - Budapest - Hungary

 This striking postcard, sent in by Cauli,  just puts your eyes into a state of happy reverie. That crazy background is a great place for your gaze to land, although the composition keeps snapping them out of it and forces them to travel around this visual holiday.  Vibrant and beautifully done by this gifted artist. Great card Cauli!
Cauli's mail art creations come from a large spectrum of images and textures. Cauli does textures very well as you can clearly view here. That slightly rained on look really makes the card, as if it had a tough time trying to arrive here. Love the address sticker as well. This is a super card Cauli - Thank you very much. See you in the mail soon. Torma Cauli's Mail Art.

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