Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heebee Post #841 - Ka van Haasteren - The Hague - Netherlands

 "Love is Love's reward" - Emerson. This astonishingly beautiful dream romance marks Ka's fabulous debut, here in the 4th Dimension. A dazzling Fluxus Affair honeymoon in all it's mail art splendor! This just takes the viewer over the rainbow! The eye popping flowers and high voltage pinkness as a color theme just assaults the eyes and mind in the most splendid Fluxus Affair way! Fantastic work! The back of the card had a very nice note (thank you) and to answer your question, no, never too late for a good ol' "Fluxus Affair"!
The vital spark of a Fluxus Affair compels these two, but given a chance, she'd rather be back in Heebee Jeebeeland (who doesn't?). Another tasty treat for the eyeballs! Featured on this creation of delight, is that interesting Artistamp in the right lower corner.
  I thought we might take a closer look at that artistamp. I like when they are like little contained universes,  like this magical specimen. Great work Ka!
I also thought we might view the entire envelope unfolded and in it's magnificent entirety. I sure had fun pulling this colorful and vibrant "Fluxus Affair" out of the Post Box. I love this work - Thank you very much Ka. By the way folks, Ka is an impressive creator of art, check her out: Paintings, Collages and Comix.  Also: Ka's Mail Art. See you in the mail very soon my new friend.

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