Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heebee Post #843 - Sherri Ayers - Lake Elsinore, California - USA

 Sherri sends in an interesting little mail call project - "Pimp My Postcard" of which the instructions are seen above. The works will be on display here: Pimp My Postcard.  Okay, let me put on my 'Pimp' gloves and get to work!
 Well, I feel better now - I had a couple of gals from the 4th Dimension factory help out and they were quite happy to do so. Thanks girls! Consider it pimped out! I'll be sending this in to Sherri straightaway.
Thanks Sherri,  for thinking of me for your project. I had fun participating. And thank you for the friendly note (not shown). I hope I see my pimped out card on your site.  I'll be seeing you in the mail very soon.

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