Monday, September 17, 2012

Heebee Post #842 - Ms. Carmela Rizzuto - Sunnyvale, California - USA

 Carmela's brilliant "Optical Chromatic Dispersion" is nearly dizzying in this colorful postcard. It's actually detail of a wild tempura painting. It works very nicely as it's own little universe and is rather handsome in a 4th Dimension kind of way!  The reverse side was an engagingly pleasant note (thank you), which I never publish, and the following postage stamp.
This beautiful bicentennial commemoration of the official launch of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804 - 2004). Featuring the two valiant leaders standing on a mountainside surveying the outlying lands. Lewis and Clark were in the vicinity of my town and a lot has been recorded about them around here. Just down the street is the Lewis and Clark Hotel and just a few miles from my home is the Lewis and Clark campground and numerous streets and businesses are named after them. Anyway, I like it.  Thank you very much Carmela - Loved your card and see ya in the mail.

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  1. Isn't this a wonderful stamp! Glad that you liked it. Note the embossed edge around the image--a more complex printing technique than one usually finds on stamps.
    P.S. We visited Fort Clatsop National Park last year and walked in the footsteps of these intrepid men. Did not know we were in the vicinity of HeeBee JeeBeeLand.