Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Heebee Post #844 - RCBz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

 Well, I guess Roy doesn't really have to worry about his postcard being too cute - in fact, au contraire! This rather gruesome WWII Holocaust looking card depicts the Mona Lisa in a tough spot. Roy's work can sometimes hide his modus operandi - and I am afraid this is one of those. I say get the girls some clothing and a little booze - they look like they have been through a rough stretch! Especially Mona.
"Fluxus says it all". Not understanding Fluxus doesn't mean you still can't enjoy it. In fact, if everyone understood Fluxus, it would not really be Fluxus at all, but just a passing of goofy notes and pictures back and forth. It is the mysterious nature of ambiguity that always enhances the Fluxus experience. In that regard, Roy's card is interesting and Fluxusy - Although the joy factor of this card was deliberately taken away by Roy's dark sense of humor. Am I close on that Roy? Don't get me wrong here folks, I love Roy's work, I have a couple on my wall. There are damned few who can match Roy's digital creative skills - It's just that this one isn't my favorite from him. Thank you  Roy, I still love ya and will see you in the mail quite soon!


  1. Death Camp Mona was the final image in a series of about fifteen I made for Cheryl Penn's Mona Lisa call. I sent it to Heebee Jeebeeland as a companion for Uli Grohmann's "Three Tents" (which I thought very good). It just doesn't quite work. I console myself by thinking "someone has to strike out occasionally or the inning will never end."

  2. I have a great respect for Roy and reading his comment enforces that opinion. Thanks for being a good sport old boy. And yes, Uli's Three Tents was cool. I'm looking forward to exchanging art with Roy for a long time to come. You are one of the very best my friend.