Friday, September 21, 2012

Heebee Post #846 - Herman Kamphuis - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

 This glorious temptress looks stunning in her purple majesty. This marvelous  work by Herman is nearly A4 in size - the size of the card really makes her appear large and in charge! The peripherally adjacent features work nicely in her favor, ensuring her Gypsy Queen status over them!   Long live the Queen!
Remember, this postcard is quite large and so the elegant loveliness of it is nearly life size, making the charm of it quite enchanting.  The Grace Kelly-ish beauty, adorned with cigar bands arbitrarily fixed upon an obscure sheet of Latin. It works very nicely Herman. I also enjoy the way she stares at me!  Fluxus Affair forever!  Thank you very much - Love this stuff! I'll be seeing you in the mail.

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