Monday, December 3, 2012

Heebee Post #899 - Lorraine Kwan - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

 Lorraine's projects are always imaginative, classy and well executed.  Her "Lucinda's Work Glove" postcard is a tremendous tease for her current effort; of which I believe I am on restricted liberties to discuss just now.  So, as Lorraine states "Stay tuned".  This artist always turns in excellently crafted work, no matter what form it takes or which media she chooses.  
I think the multi-talented Ms. Kwan must enjoy putting a large dose of the unexpected into her heady art mixes - and she makes it look easy - which is a trick in itself.  I've been inspired by her enthusiasm and determination in the past and it appears she is having just as much, if not more, fun these days than ever. I admire the savvy Kwan and can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks Lorraine, I always love your stuff!  Find more out about her here:  Lorraine Kwan Mail Art. and Paper and Postage. See you in the mail my dear!

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