Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Heebee Post #900 - Cascadia Artpost (Jack Lattermann) - Seattle, Washington - USA

 AARPEX 2012.  Jack sends in this glorious assemblage of snaps that were taken at the momentous occasion in Seattle, several weeks ago. The atmosphere was completely electrified with interest and curiosity as everybody buzzed around in friendship and awe of each other. The sum and degree of artisan skill in the large room was off the chart, even if it was a lightheartedness of that gravity that seemed to result in a loud and cheerful din. The air was positively charged with a kind of gleeful sportsmanship! This delicate perforated sheet holds some wonderful memories. Nice job Jack!
 CT Chew presiding over the Artistamp Exhibition (his brainchild), in the far left corner of the room, as you entered. I really must say, I was impressed - with both the man and his sophistication of the genre. I should also add that I was pretty deeply impressed with this entire event. This super happening was followed by the grand opening of the Museum of Artistamps the very next morning, just a couple of miles away, along the boat moorings of the shoreline.  Two full days dedicated to Artistamps and their creators. The Seattle scene is way beyond cool!
Cascadia Artpost  wishes everybody a Happy New Year with this compilation of the postal art he has recently received.  Jack, like most stamp makers, is quite the gentleman - easy to talk to, with a warm inviting smile.
More of the large, colorful 2012 accumulation by the Artpost.    
Thanks for the "POSTAARPEX" Jack.  Nice to see Cascadia Artpost up close (maybe some of that magic will rub off on me).   Cascadia Artpost.

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