Saturday, December 22, 2012

Heebee Post #907 - Dogfish - MOA (Museum of Artistamps) - Seattle, Washington - USA

 I can hardly believe my good fortune in receiving a large decorated envelope from Dogfish, the curator of MOA in Seattle.  Robbie included an amazing array of intellectually classy Artistamps. Sit back for a moment and enjoy the following exhibition of faux postage extraordinaire from the land of Tui Tui.
 These beautiful stamp plate blocks really takes me away. This one is for "Tui Tui Stamp Day July 29, 2003".  He signed this old world looking beauty for me me!
Check the incredible detail of "Dogfish 47th Birthday".  48 Nupees in the day-dreamy realm of Tui Tui.
 Even when goofing around, Dogfish's work is fantastic.
 The exotic Archipelago of Tui Tui. Nice cancellations.  These sets are just lovable!
 Official Tui Tui Philatelic Bulletin.
 A post mortem commemorative for a friend.
 Various mind blowing postage that includes Dogfish's 60th and 61st birthday commemorative.
 This super AARPEX postcard was also included.
 I'm crazy about this set - they look as if tickets to a very delightful show of some strange nature.  Gorgeous!
 This large (A4) plastic official parking sign from the grand opening of MOA.  This is going to look great on the wall over my art bench.
 This is an exquisitely fashioned commemorative A4 sized sheet created in honor of the wizardly Jas Felter, co-curator of MOA.
 This is the backside of the large envelope all the stamps were in. He even features a color test!  This is another likable demonstration of Dogfish humor.
I love the way he wrote Test Tower - made me grin as I pulled this from my mailbox. Thank you so much Robbie - I was giddy as I opened your envelope!  Be seeing you in the mail quite soon!

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