Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heebee Post #913 - Otto David Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 Otto sends in this fish-o-lyptic holiday postcard (Adamandia Kapsalis would have loved this) and let the festivities begin!  Are the Fish and the Sun's relationship as if a biological clock signaling in the New Year?
 The reverse side of Otto's Fish-O-Lyptical postcard is a dazzling holiday art rant in blazing Sherman style.
 In a separate envelope came this gorgeous calender with Otto's latest usual suspects - all wonderfully adorned with dashing medals of victory and gracious ingratiating expressions on their more than noble faces (Yes, even Petreas with his "War and Piece" headline.  Our best General, gone down because of extramarital business. Tsk, tsk!).  I still like and admire the man though and I think that in most countries, you don't get rid of your best guy because of a bit of dallying! Ah well, one thing the USA has is a lot of Generals!
 A fantastic set of the mysterious Vizier.  A little more of a burgundy than I have previously seen. I like to experiment with various different hues and this fellow looks great in just about any part of the spectrum!
I have received a load of stuff from Otto and so, this is only part #1 of at least 2 parts - maybe 3.  Stand by for that forthcoming art just after the New Year!  What an eye popping envelope - super artistamps! Thanks very much Otto and we shall see you in the 2013 post!

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