Monday, December 31, 2012

eebee Post #915 - Lord Fugue (Sky City) - Hickory, North Carolina - USA

                                 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
"The urge to merge" - This New Year's posting is a gathering of artistic collaboration that is a celestial mind blower.  My eyes took a long satisfying stroll all over the above card. At least 4 artists have participated and the result is stunningly appealing. This card is like when Jimi Hendrix asks "Are you Experienced?" - this is what he was talking about!  A fabulous card!
The other side of the wicked cool sky warriors features some very interesting postage.  I'm glad to have Fugue's work shown for the New Year's Eve posting. Absolutely superb card!  Thank you very much Lord Fugue - you've done it again old boy!

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