Friday, December 14, 2012

Heebee Post #904 - Sky City (Lord Fugue) - Hickory, North Carolina - USA

 Sky City's treatise on the censoring of evil is an interesting conceptual battle. Is the universe like a giant filter that sorts out good and bad? Is the role of good to shut evil down or just to carry on despite it? - Because, conversely,  the role evil has is to halt goodness and that just won't do!  Inquiring minds want to know......  I'm enjoying your card Fugue!
Side B of Sky City's visual assault bears a resemblance to HR Giger's work - cool and creepy - as if constructed in deep outer space by a different kind of eyes and hands. Riding in on top of that thick undulation are three artistamps worthy of remarks. The center, silverish "Pinocchio Washington" is by the Crackerjack Kid and Steve Smith. Darlene Altschul's DKA POST tiger stamp is a handsome addition to any envelope. Great stamps! Thanks very much Fugue - love your stuff! See you in the mail my friend.

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