Sunday, December 9, 2012

Heebee Post #901 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 This fabulous Fountain-Head sticker was among many prizes that Otto outstandingly included in his handsome display of Artistamp mania.  This particular sticker, I really enjoyed.  It seems as if a celebration of the imagination and , well, since I live in the 4th Dimension, I can dig it.  I like the "Otto" monogram too.
 An ensemble of Otto's attractive and exotic postage from his universe of world celebrities.
 This set of four colorful "E.O.N. POST 2012" stamps remind me of the sixties comedy movie posters -  ie: The Russians are coming. At least two of them are in collaboration with Italian artist Vittore Baroni. Pretty elaborate work.
I love this "First day of Issue" envelope.  I have gone crazy for Artistamps and it's peripheral components lately and I know I am just now finally getting serious about creating my own sets.  Thanks for the inspiration Otto - I'm right behind ya!  Otto Art - Badges and Artistamps.  See ya in the mail my friend.

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