Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heebee Post #908 - King Tut Exhibit - Seattle Science Center - Seattle, Washington - USA

 I went to see King Tut at the Seattle Science Center last Friday and I just could not keep quiet about it any longer.  I studied and examined nearly everything displayed in the exhibition and I must say, I was quite delighted to be astounded by what I saw.  The exhibit is leaving Seattle on the 5th of Janurary 2013 for Cairo and the way Egypt looks now, it may never leave the Middle east again to go anywhere! I'm so glad to have seen the artisanship of 4 and 5 thousand year old statues and artifacts.  Few things in life can really take you away and this was one of them - in spades!
 Unfortunately folks, I was not allowed to photograph any of the displayed items for some reason. Is the flash of a camera bad for ancient relics?  I know, kind of a crummy report on King Tut but I did take some snaps of the other science departments. See below.
 This is one of a pair of skulking Raptors that were fighting over a carcass in the Dino Barn (Prehistoric Animals).
And this contraption is a "Sleep Clock". I wanted to take the time to see how this worked, but alas - not enough time. Although, it sure looks great!  -------We will now continue with our regular programming!

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