Thursday, December 13, 2012

Heebee Post #903 - Mailarta - Queen of Poste - Victoria, British Columbia - Canada

 Popular postal artist and celebrity, Mailarta sends in this terrific looking "Test of Time" vision.  The few large and symbolic features must have some continuity that suggest a sort of modern fable or proverbial sense - Although the ambiguity of the symbolised scenario and my corresponding indulging imagination can compile at least a few different meaningful solutions. A nice adventure in art!  Like taking a puzzle apart. Great card!
 Side two of that nebulous card is a dream scape of a paratrooping Argonaut returning to claim his mythical "Red Fleece" as the Siren attempts to use her magic coupon to repel him. Am I getting close?
 Mailarta's tireless Mail Art project efforts continue with the 5th Mailmania call for submissions for yet another spectacular Mail Art exhibit. I know how labor intensive these shows can be - especially with the hundreds of contributions that are always expected and are displayed so well in Studio J.
 A great article on Mailmania 4 and the handsome little documentation booklet are both very pleasant reads. Splendid documentation!
I sure am enjoying my friendship with Mailarta and Dale.  One thing is for sure, Studio J is a great creative space and obviously a fun place to visit and I hope to visit there in the not too distant future.  Thank you very much and see you in the mail soon. Mailarta - Queen of Poste.   Mailmania 4     Mailmania 5 

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