Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heebee Post #789 - Thom C Courcelle - Seattle, Washington - USA

 Life's a masquerade! Thom joins the Heebee Jeebee fray of fun with this strange little parlor game that is perfect for the 4th Dimension. This decorated envelope includes a healthy dose of ball point pen in it's creation and it sure gives those masked folks plenty of festively charged atmosphere to carry on in!
 The opposite side features a rather clever 'Ode to Mail Art' written in humble acknowledgement of the genre. I like the line "The Postman must smile at these vast paper dressings". Classy.
 I am suspecting that this may be a pencil (and black crayon?) self portrait drawing of Thom.  Unfortunately, some odd debris seems to have blocked half his hearing.  Is that you Thom? Anyway, pretty good drawing old boy.
Thom may be at his best when waxing poetic. The above, poignant with sarcasm, lines discover a discordance in life that doesn't sit well with folks. But hey, what can you do? I like the sunnier side of the street, but I think I know what Thom means here. Thank you very much and see ya in the mail.

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