Thursday, July 26, 2012

Heebee Post #808 - Frips - Ghent - Belgium

 While doing some much needed summer cleaning in the Mail Art Laboratory, I gleefully discovered something Frips had sent me last November. Ugh! Better late than never I guess. Anyway, I am loving this mysterious 'O Ancient One'  card. There is a palpable oddness that feels good about this one. Great job!
 These two good natured swimming companions are wonderful summer indicators. I'll bet these guys don't forget to have fun. I love Frips' carved block prints - they are invariably an interesting slice of culture.
Two 'plate blocks' of lovely Fripspost Artiststamps,  of which I am a big fan. Frips and I have been exchanging mail art for years and so, I have a splendid collection of these beauties.I love the 'Fluxus Brain Control' stamps. Looks great!
"No bulls in Seville". Recently, I had heard that Spain has decided to stop running the Bulls in Seville. But when I checked the Internet to verify this, I could find nothing to substantiate that. Anybody know? These Toro artistamps are interesting and fun.
Frips' horse greeting card is a beautiful arrangement and a friendly way to say hello.
This created little envelope contained interesting canceled Belgian postage. I have been using various postage to decorate mail art lately and these will come in handy. The little envelope is really cool seen in person.
Finally, the vessel that carried the lot just seen. Frips' has a way of making her mail look like it came from far, far  away and this one is no exception. Sorry this took so long to get posted - it got sucked into a pile of mail art debris that is like quicksand if you are not careful. I wonder if I shall discover more as I continue cleaning? Ah well, such is life. Thank you very much dear Frips, I always enjoy your work. See you in the mail. Frips Mail Art.

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