Friday, July 6, 2012

Heebee Post #791 - PC (tic tac) - Starnburg - Germany

 I received this "Special Edition" packet of mail art from a very talented and elegant artist, whose works are precise and exquisite.  Patizia's package includes a warm note on the above "What's in your head" postcard. I had recently used her Cavellini artistamp in the background of a dancing Cavellini postcard that I had sent to her.  Glad she liked it.  And I sure like the rubber stamping identifying PC as the sender of this one.
 Patrizia's stamp booklets are in mint condition and are a study in precision. This artistamp sheet features the inimitable Mail Art father, Ray Johnson. I have a growing collection of these beauties from PC and I must say, they are stunning in there simple perfection. Fantastic work!
The second of the 4" x 5 1/2" artistamp stamp booklets is the 'fruity' Octopus representing the sovereign realm of the Quindi Islands.  One of my favorite mail art concepts are the fictional kingdoms created by the artists and she has done a great job of that with this one. I am quite delighted to be the owner of these lovely works. Thank you so much Patrizia, I'm nuts for this kind of stuff. See you in the mail my friend.  PC (tic tac) Mail Art.

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