Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heebee Post #811 - Medwolf - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Canada

 It's nice to see Medwolf back in mail art action after a long sabbatical due to an unfortunate event. So it is with a lot of pleasure that this mail art package was received. The tough outdoorsman continues to be on the lookout for David Zack and he may be onto something with this postcard.
 Medwolf also included these interesting little (2 1/2" x 1 1/2") Nabob coupons. I'm not really sure why I like stuff like this; but, I do. And what a great brand name. Nabob is a term for an East India Company servant that made his fortune through corrupt trade and and other practices. Funny they should use that - although the colorful word does roll nicely off the tongue!
 Another item in the package is a postcard that I recognize. It was created by artist Serse Luigetti of Italy. Serse's style is pretty recognizable to those that are acquainted with him.
 This item was thrown into the mail art mix for general purposes by the kind hearted Medwolf.  Looks good here and I dig where he is coming from.
A year or two ago, Medwolf moved from the rough outback in Sasketchewan (Eastern Canada) to the rough outback in British Columbia (Western Canada).  And now, back to Saskatoon, SK (Eastern Canada). Find his new address on the above envelope. I have to admit that I admire that kind of outdoorsy lifestyle; even if it is too much for myself these days. I do love nature's secret worlds and never get enough of it. Thank you Medwolf - nice to have you back in the mail art biz. See you in the mail! Medwolf Mail Art.

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