Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heebee Post #792 - Servane Morel - Brussels - Belgium

 "More fun, less worry" - Servane's grinning cast of Heebee Jeebee characters are taking that way of thinking  to heart as the smile fest continues here with this warm and vibrant postcard. Servane is always so expressive and the merriment of the card is clearly felt. Nice job my clever friend - I love this happy business!
The back side of the entertaining card has a little uplifting note from the celebrated artist and I couldn't agree more with her.  I see she has acquired a few more rubber stamps - I like the cancelled Francais postage stamp. The entire card has a tone of friendship to it as exchanging mail art over a long period of time often produces.  Thank you Servane, great card! I have just sent you something a few days ago,  so keep an eye on the post. Servane Morel's mail art. 

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  1. "I saw this picture in the school library where someone's face was all made up of fruits and vegetables," my son said. "Would be cool to have one of those in my room."
    He and I searched for art about "vegetables" in and immediately found this one,, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, which fits the bill to the nearest pear.