Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heebee Post #814 - Carmela Rizzuto - Sunnyvale, California - USA

The " Fluxus Femail Art" card sent in by Carmela has a kind of realized celebration feel to it. Fluxus fireworks bursting over Femail Art, and the power girls revel in the fact that they control the Chaos here. Doesn't it seem like you are looking through a window during a tornado? I also like the art paper used for the card. Nice job Carmela.
The opposite side features a kind note from Ms. Rizzuto - even if the center line of the note was rubbed off by the postal machines. But thank you for that - and I am having a smiley summer so far, especially when I pull cards like this from my post box! Thank you very much Carmela. I'll be sending something to you very soon. Stand by for mail art!


  1. TT
    Your perceptive comments are much appreciated. The postmaster who hand-cancelled the card liked it too. The missing words in the message are, ' your blog'. The paper is Rives BFK printmaking paper from Daniel Smith. It is very receptive to the stamping and watercolor paints which I used.

  2. Yes, that paper looked and felt great - I love the different textures of the various types of papers and that one had an almost linen like quality to it. Very nice. And thank you for the compliment Carmela.