Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heebee Post #795 - Frips - Ghent - Belgium

 There is only one Frips and here is her wonderful brand of art in all her unique mail art splendor. Her summer card is pure joy -  a triumphant celebration over the human condition. I dig Frips. A lot.
 The popular Mail Artist included the above stamp sheet of the swim suit woman in various altered states. The top of the panel features a note of friendship ending with "Enjoy Summer and Life". That is a plan I hope to adhere to for the season and well passed it.
One of Frip's trademarks is of  a cat, stretched out luxuriously and napping soundlessly.  This is a great example of which I speak and serves as the cover of a 6"x 5" entertaining artist booklet.
The booklet is filled with contents of the obscure. Above left is a very interesting bird enthusiast's card - In both French and German. On the right is Frip's 'Push me, pull you'.
Here is a beautiful 'plate block' of Frip's artistamps. Fripspost 2012. There was so much more in the booklet  that I couldn't scan it all.  But know, especially dear Frips, that I loved it all.
That back cover of the intriguing Artistbooklet - another beauty - she makes it look easy.
The decorated envelope that Frips used as an 'Art packet' is also nicely 'Fripped out'. I am quite fond of her quirky international folk art style and hope our exchanges continue for a long, long time. Frips is an icon of Mail Art and for many reasons - all of them good. Thanks very much - you made my day! See you in the mail my old friend. Visit her extremely popular mail art site: Frips Mail Art.

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